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Summer Skin Conditions – Simple solutions for happy horses!

We have all seen it. It happens every summer. And the fix is a lot simpler than most people think. In fact, here at Tack Trunk we even came up with a name for it: Summer Horse Face. This isn’t your horse looking super cute in his new fly mask or even an adorable post […]

Wow Factor – Simple Solutions for White and Grey coats that shine

Grey horses are not any more likely to get dirty or stained than other colors of horses, they just show it off more! And often the products used to “clean and remove stains” can actually be part of the problem. Whitening shampoos are often very drying, causing the hair to become brittle and absorb stains, […]

Fit Check: The Importance of Proper Saddle Sizing

Did you know a properly fitting saddle can make a huge difference in your ability to ride safely and effectively? Riding in a saddle that is too big can often shift a rider’s position too far back, making their leg sit out in front of them. A saddle that is too small can pitch a […]

Neatsfoot Oil No-Nos!

Did you know that some of the first saddle soap to be sold in the United States was made by Fiebings, a leather goods company in the 1890s. Fiebings is still in business today but saddle soap and leather care has definitely come a long way since then. As riding has evolved, so has the […]

Safety First! Knowing which safety vest to wear and why

The use of safety vests in equestrian sports began around 40 years ago, primarily seen in racing, eventing or high impact speed riding. Eventers adapted to the use of the safety vest more widely than other equestrian disciplines, wearing sectional foam padding that adapted to a rider’s movements. With the advent of the air vest […]

New Breeches on the Block! Say Hello to the Gabrielle!

New Breeches on the Block! KL Select for the win!  Discover an instant staff and customer favorite, the KL Select Gabrielle Breeches! Available in knee patch and full seat, these breeches are amazingly comfortable, stylish and durable. We discovered them almost by accident last year, when we expanded our dressage line of apparel and tack […]